An Update on Budgeting Goals


Originally Written in April 2015

posted a previously about our budgeting goals. We’re trying to get all of our normal expenses covered by just Weston’s income.
We’re coming up on some problems there.
   1. We increased his 401K contribution amount to 10% from 6%. This has left us with $91.71 less a pay check.
   2. When trying to redo our budget, we took away the income I make from our church working for them part time, which leaves us with $230 less.
   3. Even with dropping all “want” categories down to nothing or next to nothing, we’re still $700ish short per month for   his income to cover these expenses.
We’re looking to start a family soon(ish), and if we have to start paying insurance for a whole family from one income, we will be short another $800 a month, bring us up to $1500 a month.
He’s up for his yearly review in May and he’ll be asking for a raise since he’s taken on more responsibility and the plan is to give him even more responsibility in the future. He’s also been doing graphic design work on the side to bring in some extra cash. He started the company last year in June and made around $2500 which helped cover the cost of his new guitar.
On the one hand, I want to start covering stuff from my income so we’re good. On the other, when we do have kids I want to quit working and want us to already be at a good point financially when that happens.
Currently, with how my income is allocated, we have close to $10,000 left for the year to do what we like. We’ve decided we want to use half of that for house remodeling projects and I’d like half to invest more in dividend stocks.
The conversation we have to have right now is what we’re really going to do to figure all of this out. We obviously don’t have all of our finances figured out. And I even feel a little silly not being able to cover all our expenses and certain savings with just Weston’s income. But, that’s where we’re at.

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