Money Spending on Vices

If you read most frugal living blogs, they will continually tell you to stop wasting your money on certain vices: coffee shops, eating out, driving, retail shopping, and any number of other things. If you're trying to be completely frugal, then yeah, this makes a ton of sense. But a lot of us still want to enjoy the life we're living. Of course you can enjoy life without these things, but I know Weston and I aren't ready to drop all this stuff.
That being said, there's definitely a way to still enjoy these things without having them be a money vacuum.
Coffee - If you love your coffee, invest in a french press and freshly roasted beans and make your own at home. It's better than most commercial places anyway. Leave a Starbucks run or whatever coffee shop you love for special occasions. The date night, friend meet up, or when you're running way late.
Eating out - eat out less often. We redid our budget recently and knocked off $250 a month from our eating out budget. We know we're going to eat out with friends after church on Sundays and probably at least once more a week. So, we kept some but eliminated a lot.
Retail shopping - do you say you're really frugal because you only shop when things are on sale? Well, do you need what you bought in the first place? Even if you bought something on sale, you're still spending more than if you didn't buy it at all. I'm not a shopper so this is a lot easier for me to say and commit to. We shop less than once a month on clothes and almost always on sales. And we only buy a few things each time. We budget for it, too (normally). Before you buy something, ask yourself why you want it. Wait a day then go back. For big purchases, we never buy the same day.
What I really recommend is keeping track of how much you're spending on those "vice" categories for a month or two. MintYNABPersonal Capital- they're all fantastic tools to help you keep track of your spending. Then, see how much of it was impulsive, unnecessary. Start making cuts from there.

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