My Money Upbringing


I’d say it is pretty rare for two people to get married and have the same views on money. There’s a reason that one of the most common arguments and biggest stresses in a marriage is money.
While we aren’t night and day, we weren’t exactly the same. This week is my money upbringing. I’ll be posting Weston’s at a later time.
Makenzie: “Save for the rainy day”
We weren’t poor, ever, I don’t think. But there was three of us for a while, then four kids, so I almost always had hand-me-downs. We almost always went to a private school.
I was taught there’s some things that are worth spending money on, and some things aren’t. I never got to get the cool fun folders, or pencils, or binders for school. I had the plain colored ones, RoseArt brand crayons (yuck) and the cheapest binders they had. We took vacations, but I don’t think they were ever extravagant.
I’d say each of us kids has a very different opinion on money and how we manage it. I’m much more of the saver, “ZERO FUN SIR” type person. My sister is the, “look for a good deal, but buy what you want” type person. My brother is a middle ground in-between the two of us. And the littlest brother likes to save for whatever big item he wants.
In college I had to get a job to pay for food, gas, electricity, and fun things. I got $300 a month to help with that and then my parents’ paid my rent. It taught me to save and really think about what I wanted to buy or if I wanted to go out to eat that night.
I’d choose to save as much money as possible all the time if it were just me.

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