Vacationing and Living a Little


Originally written in April 2015

Last year my mom offered to pay my way on a tour of Israel. I immediately agreed and began to plan accordingly for purchasing anything I would need for the trip (ie clothes). My mom and I spent two weeks touring Israel with Precept Ministries. It was amazing. A once in a life time trip.
Before that trip, I always said I wanted to travel, but when it came down to it, I never wanted to spend the money. This trip was expensive, but it boiled down to me deciding it was now or never. Who knows the next time my mom and I would be able to do something like that? And, who knows the next time she’d offer to pay for it?
Israel made me realize that I can either save money all the time, or I can live a little. Can I afford to go on a trip like that every year? Probably not without a ton of effort. But, experiences are worth the money.
Wes and I leave for a short vacation to Denver tomorrow morning. We had bought plane tickets to Portland last August but then the conference we were going to attend was canceled. Southwest gave us back our ticket money in credit and they expire in August, so we had to figure out where we were going to go.
I’ve never been to Colorado, and Weston loves Colorado so it seemed like a great place to start this vacationing thing. When we get back I’ll be posting about our trip, what stuff cost, where we cut costs, where we splurged, etc.
If you read this before Sunday, let us know of any recommendations for the Denver/Boulder area you may have! We’re always up for suggestions!

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