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I’m only 26. I don’t have a degree in Finance or Accounting. I’ve only been married for 4 years. We just had our first kid. I haven’t climbed out of a deep pit of debt. We’ve never really struggled to make ends meet. We’re not coming from poor money management backgrounds. We aren’t going to retire at the age of 35.
These are most of the reasons why I’ve never done this before. Why I’ve been afraid of starting something and sharing our experiences. But then I realized there’s also plenty of people in OUR boat. Not everyone has a mountain of debt. Not everyone is having to sell plasma to make ends meet each month. Not everyone’s goal is to retire by the age of 40. Some people just have those “boring” stories, but maybe need some encouragement in the money department.
If this is you, I hope you stick around. If you need some ideas or help in the budgeting/finances department, this blog is for you. If you need to read about another person’s victories and failures, their tips and tricks, then keep reading.
This is a blog about our financial life. From the beginning. Enjoy.

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