Back to School


After we moved to Longview, I found a job that January working for a college nearby. I didn’t make a ton, but it was a job. I ended up not liking it and decided to start looking into going back to school. Once I got into a college in Tyler, about an hour away, Weston decided he’d like to go back to school, too.
So, that August, we packed up and moved to Tyler. We had a friend whose parents were gracious enough to let us live in their in-law suite (a 400 sqft room with a closet, bathroom, sink, mini fridge, and microwave). They only charged us $450 a month and that included rent, cable, internet, and utilities. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.
We went from making $64000 a year to $25000 a year. We knew we had to change how we were living to make it work. Finding a place to live that cheaply was a huge help. We sold Weston’s truck and each took out one year of subsidized student loans to have a backup in case something went wrong.
Since we didn’t have real bills to pay other than car insurance, we ended up with probably more money than we’d thought we had to spend how we wanted. We ate out a lot. We didn’t cook almost ever unless I could just do it in a crock pot. Somehow I managed to get our budget to a point where I could save $300-600 a month for us. We were still tithing, and when you aren’t making just a ton, that’s a lot of money to giveaway. We still tried to give to causes and people we felt led to give to.
That school year taught us a lot. It taught us we need more space. This introvert needs her time alone and loves her sleep. Our dates were always really cheap. We did a lot of movie rentals, baked a pie, did a lot of coffee dates.
We did what we had to do for that year. It wasn’t always fun, but it also drew us closer and helped us both get more of a handle on our money.

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