How Much Does a Baby Cost? Month 2 March 2016


March was again not too bad of a month. I actually bought some "fun" stuff- I guess the idea of having a baby got me excited to buy stuff for him (finally). Another medical bill came in we paid, but other than that it was pretty low.

This month I was a sucker for marketing and bought outer space Honest Company diapers for way too much money and a couple toys for Fitz with some money given to us from Weston's parents to buy Fitz an activity gym.

Starting for April my numbers should be better spread out and I'll have better notes. I still had to go based on memory for this one so these aren't perfect.

In March we spent $574.92 on Mr. Fitz. Here's the breakdown:

Medical/Vitamins/Medicine: 137.81
"Fun"/Splurge: 234.01
Diapers and Other: 139.93

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