How Much Does a Baby Really Cost? Month 1 February 2016


How much does having a baby really cost? Once you run out of diapers from your shower, your baby has out grown all the clothes you bought or received as gifts, what will that precious little thing cost you each month?

We're new to this parenting thing. We'll do a lot wrong and probably not buy things we should've and buy things we really don't need. But from our little experience to yours - here's what a baby is costing us month to month.

Fitz came into this world February 5th so we had almost a full month that first month. Before he was born we didn't buy anything for him from our own pockets. We had diapers, clothes, a pack n play, changing table, etc. all from gift cards and baby showers.

We spent $498.01 on him in February.
We paid part of our hospital bill in February while we were there that was $1500. We're still waiting on the rest of the bills to roll in.

Since I'm doing this after it all, I don't remember exactly everything we bought but we did buy:
1 30 pack of newborn diapers
A boppy - if you're going to nurse, I could not recommend this enough. I thought surely it was something that people swore they needed but really... you don't. It is... when nursing is horrible the first couple weeks as you get used to it, it makes it easier on you. In the middle of the night when you're nursing 4 or 5 times, it makes it less exhausting. I still use it at night when Fitz wakes up. I get to be lazier with it.
More gauze and petroleum jelly - little boys have circumcisions... gotta keep that thing covered
A breast pump - totally worth it. to be able to leave him with my parents or weston's and not have to time myself to get back before his next feed. I didn't buy a super nice one (Ameda) from Target. Does the job because I may pump once a day.

I know there's more in there, but that's all I could remember as specifics.

This first month was really just replenishment of things given to us at the hospital. And me swallowing my pride and buying things I should've bought before.

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