We're on a budget

Originally posted May 2015

Is it just me, or when someone says they're on a budget does it always seem to mean money is tight? Which leads to this negative feeling toward budgets.
Maybe that's the case. Maybe if I made an exorbitant amount of money, I'd feel no need to have a budget. But, I really think that I'd start spending even more assuming I don't need to pay attention, but in reality, I probably do.
For us, we make good money. But we're "on a budget". We're on a budget because we have goals for savings, retirement, later expenses, vacations. We're on a budget because when we don't have one we spend way too much in certain areas and it leaves us feeling "poor" in others. We're on a budget because it helps us pay attention to how we're spending our money. It gives us freedom because we don't have to worry about bills and necessary expenses that are coming up. We've accounted for them and can now freely spend the money we have allocated for other fun things.
We'll gladly stay "on a budget" for as long as we live. And we'll enjoy our life on a budget the entire time, too.

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