What's Your Money Purpose?


I love the idea of my money working for me. I love the idea of being able to retire early. I love the idea of making a lot of money (whatever a lot means). I’m easily enamored by all these ideas and can get caught up in the grind to make this stuff happen. To see my money grow in a savings or investment account. To try to make a bunch of side money or lower my expenses as much as possible.
But why? What’s my purpose for my money?
I have to always remember my purpose for my money is to glorify God. Maybe you’re not a religious person so that idea doesn't resonate with you. If that's true, then what is your purpose for your money?
Maybe you’re saving for a dream vacation. Or for children. Or to pay off debt. Or you're trying to retire in your 30s. Whatever your purpose is for your money, don’t lose site of it. Daily, weekly, monthly, check yourself to see if that purpose is still the focus. Reorient yourself toward it.
When you have a set purpose it's easier to stay the course. If you're trying to pay off debt and you're making necessary changes to do it sooner rather than later, tracking that debt pay off and having mini goals along the way will help you stay the course when something exciting comes along to spend your money on. Or it'll help you say no when you need to when friends ask you to go out to dinner.
As far as our purpose, to glorify God, goes, I think a lot of times the stigma is that we can't have any fun, we can't buy nice things, buy new things, or enjoy the money we've made. I also think that as a Christian we're sometimes ashamed when we haven't used our money well. If we're in crazy amounts of debt or spending foolishly with money you do have. There's a pendulum for life that has the two extremes. As you mature you end up back in the middle.
We all shouldn't be spending money we don't have. It's not wise. I also think hoarding all our money and never being generous with others or even with ourselves leads to dissatisfaction. That pendulum swing will put you somewhere in the middle. Saving wisely. Giving Wisely. Spending Wisely. Enjoying wisely.

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