Work Expectations and Having a Life

I read an article the other morning on how to become a millionaire by 30. That's not our goal, but I was curious and knew that it could still offer good advice as far as financials are concerned.
The first point he makes is, "Follow the money". This makes perfect sense if you're seeking to be a millionaire. But we aren't. Not really. We want to be able to afford our life and still enjoy it at the same time. But what if "following the money" leads to a bunch of jobs you dislike? Is it worth it?
Weston and I have a lot of conversations about the balance between work and play, the cultural expectation of working 40, 50, 60 hours a week, just so you can have a weekend to maybe enjoy, but probably do house work. I think we're made to work. I don't have a desire to sit around my house and watch Netflix all day (okay, only sometimes). Are we living life correctly if it means working 40-60 hours a week at a desk doing something you kind of like, but not really, and then hoping you can enjoy your life on the weekend or when you're retired at 65?
Our trip to Denver got us thinking about it even more. Colorado is this "land of opportunity" where people quit their jobs and move there so they can find a job and do what they love. Maybe start their own company.
Would you take a pay cut if it meant you loved your job/company you work for? Would you take a pay cut if you loved your job but it meant working more hours than you already do sometimes? Would you take a pay cut to move somewhere you love so you can do the things you love during your free time? What about taking a job that required more hours from you and maybe an increase in pay?
There seems to be so many variables. And I know everyone is different. We don't have the answer for this. We don't even have an answer for ourselves for this. Until then, we'll play by society's rules and work hard during the work week so we can enjoy our weekends.

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