How Much Does a Baby Cost? Month 3: April 2016


Baby Fitz is 3 months old! Shortly before Fitz was even on the radar we began saving money in a kids fund. We chose $250 completely on a whim not knowing how much we'd really spend each month on a baby. Thankfully, planning ahead helped out a lot when it came to paying medical bills and buying stuff before he made his appearance. Now it's at least a start to what we'll spend each month. It's still an arbitrary number, and we still haven't had to be all on our own buying him clothes and things, but now we've bought diapers and wipes and clothes and toys.

April had us at $237.38 so right under that $250 mark

Diapers/Wipes/Medicine/Necessities: 89.78
Clothes: 34.77
Medical Bills: $66.85

Things I've learned: Amazon Subscribe and Save is awesome. And cheaper than Target.
I need to check HEB for the nursing pads I use to see if they're cheaper there. They aren't on Amazon which is a bummer.

On the topic of nursing pads: we ran the numbers quickly to see if it was worth buying reusable ones over disposable at this point. It wasn't. If I were to nurse through 1 year and stop and only use one pair of nursing pads a day, I would maybe save $8. Granted, this doesn't include days I may use more than one pair, but the fact I don't have to keep up with small things to wash and can just toss them is a major perk to me.

Weston's sister picked up a trash bag full of baby boy clothes from a neighbor and is bringing us some of them in his size later this month which again, saves us quite a bit of money. My mom recently bought Fitz pretty much all he'll need for this summer as well. So our main expenses are diapers and wipes, which I'm pretty sure is the norm.

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