Maximize Savings to Get What You Want

Originally written June 2015  

We bought a house that needs some work. Nothing that makes it unlivable, but it needs some updates. To name a few:
  1. The carpet - our house is a hodge podge of different colored carpets. We have pink. We have green. We have horrible purplish. We have gray. We have white.
  2. The window treatments - While I'm super thankful that we have drapes on all the windows and sliding glass doors, some are ugly.
  3. The lighting - some are kind of old school.
  4. The bathrooms - We have carpet in our bathroom.
  5. We bought a house three times the size of our last apartment.We need some furniture.
     Since January 1st, we've gone over our budget for 2015 three times. And it's about to happen again. How can we maximize our savings? Our real goal is to live off of just Weston's income and save all of mine (except for tithing). We're not too far off from that, just about $700 dollars a month, but that’s $8400 a year. And we've given ourselves some generous budget amounts in some areas. We recently purchased some more decor and a dining room table and chairs. These are all things we would not have been able to do if we weren’t budgeting and planning for these goals.
     When you have these major goals in mind, you can continually look at what you’re spending and decide if it’s worth it. We go places and determine if we’d rather have that thing or put that money toward making this house feel more like home. Does this always work for us? No. We like rewarding ourselves. But, overall, having major goals and knowingly allocating to those plans is really helpful.

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