What Has Life Looked Like With No Job?

At the end of November, Weston quit his job and started looking for a new one. I was still working part time for the A&M Ticket Office and part time for our church. Weston finished in November working part time for our church and continued to do some graphic design projects to bring in a little bit of cash. Most of January was taken off to pack up our house, get the fixes done that needed to be done, and get me to my parents' so I could have this baby.

We closed on our house in early February and that check replenished savings, let us put the same amount of money back as a down payment for the future,  covering the rest of Fitz's birth expenses, and gave us 4 months of living expenses. It would have given more, but we weren't very good at following our budget (for shame, I know).

We're moving back to Tyler in a few weeks. Still with no job, but with some prospects and knowing at this point any job, with any money coming in, is better than no job and no money coming in.

The past few months have meant limited groceries, limited eating out, no extra fun money, because every extra dollar spent is money that has to come from the next month's budget.

The past few months have had several really promising job leads ultimately coming to a dead end with a lot of frustration. We're ready to be back on our own with a full time income.

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