How Much Money Does a Baby Cost? Month 4


Life has been a little crazy lately, so I apologize this is late.

I think this was close to our last medical bill came in from the delivery. If not, those are very slow coming. Here's the breakdown:

Diapers/Wipes/Necessities: $58.77
Toys: $47.14
Clothes/Swaddles: $25
Medical: $1201.41

Total: $1332.32

To cut some costs I've been using Amazon Subscription Service for diapers. I think it'll still be cheaper than going anywhere here in Tyler, but I should probably do some checking around.

I do this thing with Google called Screenwise Trends (soon to be Cross Media Panel). I was able to cash out for a $25 Amazon gift card which allowed me to buy a cup holder thing for my stroller for $0.98! Totally worth using the gift card on with how often I have water or coffee while pushing the stroller.

Parents out there: how are you saving money on baby costs each month? Any tips or secrets?

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