Why We Switched to Cricket Wireless - A Pay As You Go Plan


Last year we were finally kicked off both our parents' phone plans. That was a real bummer for Weston since he still had unlimited data at a time when pretty much no one was offering it. At first I did research just within the big providers: ATT, Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile. Living in Texas I'd say ATT is king and since that is who we were already with, we made the switch over to as little data as possible for us to share on ATT. They're all pretty close to the same price between providers, with the differences being more about service quality than anything else.

With ATT we were still spending over $130 a month for our two lines and 6gb of shared data. For the months we were on this plan I continued looking into other options, but didn't get serious until I lost my job last July. When that happened I went ahead and moved my line over to Cricket.

Why Cricket? I did a bunch of research on the different "Pay as You Go" providers and found out Cricket is owned by ATT. It's using their same towers with preference going to ATT customers, but overall I had heard great things about it. I had friends who were using it already, and did a lot of my due diligence reading articles about the different providers and reading comments about them on Reddit. Since we were already with ATT there would be no problems with switching our phones over- only having to get new sim cards for Cricket. A month in, I go ahead and get Weston to switch over as well and we haven't looked back.

We've been in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, Illinois, and in multiple parts of Texas with no problems until the other week. Cricket had a massive service outage across the United States. I understand this could've been bad had we needed to use our phones. We were driving from College Station to Austin and didn't have service until late that night. Once we got home we were back connected to WiFi and had no problems. Overall, for us it was more of an annoyance than an actual concern.

We're paying $70 a month for two lines with 2.5 gb of data each. For $80 a month we could each have 5gb, and there's even an unlimited data option now, but we're almost always connected to WiFi so we see no point in paying more.

If you're looking to cut your phone bill drastically, with what I would say has been great service (minus those hours the other week), I can't recommend Cricket enough. You can follow this link and after 3 months of service you'll get a $25 bill credit. Remember, there's no contract, so if you hate it, you can always try someone else after a few months!

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