How Much Does a Baby Cost? Month 5


June was a fun and stressful month with Fitz. Between moving, starting on solids, and then a short stint in the hospital, Fitz had a more than eventful June.

Two more bills came in for Fitz this month which took up the chunk of the month. I now do believe we're done paying for his birth.

Medical: $3062.73
Clothes: $24.89 This is actually all clothes for when he's bigger. 
Diapers: $39.83
Food/Dining/Other: $30.81

For the rest of July I foresee his hospital bills coming in, which based on what the website says, won't be bad. We're looking to the future and seeing the purchase of a convertible carseat coming our way, and now that he's in 9 month clothing, the plethora we had from people when he was born has withered away. We're going to have to start buying clothes ourselves.

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