New Job

In November, Weston quit his job and had been looking for a new one ever since.
We sold our home, and made money off of it (praise the Lord).
We had a baby and spent a lot of money.
We moved in with my parents while he looked for 5 months.
We moved back to Tyler where we felt the Lord leading us.
2 Months later, he's starting a new job. Praise God again.

With our savings that we had we've been able to live pretty comfortably these past 8 months. Our real hope was that we wouldn't have to dip into our down payment savings, and we won't.

Now, we have to see how much his take home salary is to redo our budget to fit into it. Our goal is to get all normal monthly expenses done through his salary, and then the extra graphic design work he does, and if I can find any stay at home part time gigs, that money will go to savings goals.

This job is an answer to our prayers recently.

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