Our Experience with Mint.com

I used Mint.com off and on for the better part of 4 years. I like that everything is automatically connected. Once you go to a place and categorize it, it’s always categorized that way for you. I like that I can track my mortgage, investments, student loans, and budget all in one place.
But it never really worked for us. When Weston and I were newly married I used it most. We were living off just his income and paying too much in rent for our apartment. It’d appear we had enough money in our account for things, but we didn’t realize that money was already “claimed” somewhere else. We’d pay our entire rent off one paycheck and then only have about $300 left for the next two weeks to pay for groceries, gas, and anything else that came up. Then I started moving money over to savings every paycheck to make it easier for us to see that this money was already claimed for rent. That helped, but didn’t make it super easy with mint. I could never get mint to be perfect for us. Either I couldn’t figure out how to do what I wanted, or it wasn’t set up to be done that way.
Now looking back, I realize it’s much better for people who have plenty in their bank account. If you can cover an entire month of expenses at the beginning of the month then mint would work well for you. You know you can spend all of that budget category if you want without worrying about not having money for some other category.
Is mint super easy? Yes. Is it convenient? Absolutely. Is it for us? Nope.

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