An Update on Us


This was originally posted August 2015

Weston recently accepted a new position at another company doing business development. He starts in a couple of weeks and is so excited.
It really couldn't have come at a better time. With it came a small raise, a company car, and for the rest of the year he gets to work from home. With me not working any raise is welcome and the company car will allow us to sell both of our cars and use the money to get me a slightly newer car for when the baby comes. Plus- dropping a car from our insurance!
Also with this job comes actual traveling. I'm excited for the times I get to go with him- less excited about the times I don't. But, I know Weston is going to enjoy this job immeasurably more than he does his current position. He's a people person and hasn't gotten to do much with people the past few years.

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