Are Tieks Worth It?

When it comes to any sort of apparel, I stick to what I know and love. I have probably 10 shirts I rotate through and 4 pairs of jeans. For the past year I've lived in a pair of Birkenstocks literally every single day. (Hello Texas. It's only slightly ridiculous maybe a month out of the year)

When my birthday came around this year I didn't know what to ask for from my in-laws and sought advice from my sister. She threw out the idea of asking for a pair of Tieks. They're simple, like me, and I could get away with wearing them every single day this fall/winter if I wanted.

I've owned maybe 1 or 2 other pairs of ballet flats in my life, yet almost never wore them because I like shoes that actually support my feet and don't leave me in pain within an hour or two of having them on. The idea of having comfortable close-toed shoes sounded pretty good- as long as they were actually comfortable.

If you don't know what Tieks are, they're leather ballet flats that are flexible. Flexible enough to fold into themselves. Plus they're meant to be actually comfortable.

So with that advice, I asked for a pair of chestnut Tieks. I kept going back and forth on size because they only do whole sizes, and decided on a 7 (I wear a 7.5). When they came in they came in their adorable blue box with a handwritten note and a glittery flower bow around the box. I may have shaken some of the glitter on Fitz just to see what Weston would say. I tried them on and they felt too tight. I spent a couple hours searching the internet about how they're supposed to look and feel when you wear them and finally emailed Tieks customer support. First, their customer support is fantastic. They're nice, helpful, and quick to respond. Even though their website tells you they'll stretch, she explained to me that they'll stretch everywhere except in length. So, if that's where they feel too tight, get the next size up.

Now, their return policy. If you bought them yourself they'll send you the other size you want free of charge and let you try the two pairs on side by side. Then, you return the size you don't want. Free of charge. Mine was a gift exchange so I had to send my original pair back first (still free of charge) and then they'd send me the new pair once they received the old ones. If I wanted to try them on side by side, they would only need a card on file for me.

I've have my Tieks for about a week now and worn them almost everyday. They're fantastic. They are truly comfortable. My feet don't hurt from wearing them all day. They're cute. I feel like I'm stepping up my mom game.

At $175 Tieks are an investment. The decision you have to make is if you want quantity or quality. These are some quality shoes. They're going to last me. My feet aren't going to hurt. In my opinion, certain clothing staples are worth spending a bit more on if they're quality and more timeless. To me, these are one of those items worth spending more on.

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