Tiny Homes

I'm sure you've heard of Tiny Homes. The idea of them is both terrifying and insanely appealing to Weston and me. We've had the overly large home where there was space for absolutely everything we had and then some. We've lived in a 400 sqft room with a kitchenette. Now we're in an in-between at 1300 sqft (which, I know is large for some areas of the country). But we're in Texas where bigger is better and no one can really imagine downsizing- I guess unless you live in Austin.

We've started looking into the Tiny Home movement. I'm more on board for "Small Home". With a kid and two dogs, and wanting at least one more kid, a Tiny Home seems too tiny.

The appealing side is having little to know mortgage each month, essentially giving us a major raise without actually getting one. The financial freedom this would allow draws us more and more to the idea. Not having a place cluttered with stuff that you continually keep because you think you may one day use it again. Everything you have would have a purpose.

Tiny homes use their space so incredibly well versus just a small house you could go buy. Just because it was built small doesn't mean it was built as functional as possible.

What do you guys think? Have you heard of families who do tiny homes and do them well? Do you think these are a fad that are best left untouched?

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