Buying Another House

It's been over 2 years now since we bought our first home. It's been almost a year since we sold that home, and now we're back looking for our next home. To refresh your memory, our last house was: - Awesome. - 3200 sqft - Had 2 large living rooms - Large dining room - Eat in (sort of) kitchen - 3 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms - an office - Sun room - A flat roof from hell We've now spent the past 6 months in a duplex that's 1300 sqft. The major shift has helped us realize the things we do really care about, versus what we thought we cared about. - Still would really like two living areas of some sort (for a playroom/gameroom) - A decent sized kitchen that two people can be in - At least 2 bathrooms, preferable 2.5 - We don't care about a dining room - Our main living area to be big enough for people to walk comfortable around our big furniture - Not huge bedrooms - We don't want to throw away money on PMI, flood insurance, or things like that. We've had to do some major convincing of ourselves what it means to love a home. Our income has changed drastically since we last owned a house (like, a $76000 decrease), so our price point isn't in the "completely remodeled, move in ready" place. It helps when we go into other people's homes whose houses may not be up to date, but they feel homey, and welcoming. It helps us realize you don't need brand spanking new to make a place feel like home. We just started. I've applied for a loan (or started the process). We've looked at three homes. The housing market is supposed to start picking up again soon, so hopefully some more homes that appeal to us will start showing up.

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