Our first offer

We put an offer in on a house today. It's the first time this go round and it's a cool house.

Cool as in - we see the potential, but it has quite a bit to get there.

Weston is super nervous and already attached to this house, and I'm far from there. Sure, I'd love to get it, I really like it, and I can love it and I can see it as our forever home. But while I have no hopes to get up, I think all of Weston's are as high as they can be.

If you're looking for a house, and married, I hope you balance each other out. I hope you have a realtor who doesn't let you play the emotional roller coaster and helps remind you that it's just a house and there's always more of them. Sellers are hoping you'll let your emotions affect your offer and you'll offer more.

Weston and I usually have a rule about big purchases (big for us is pretty much anything over $50-100). We don't buy the same day. We've broken this a few times - like our couch (which we love), buying an XBOX One (shouldn't have broken this rule on this one). I think a house is another great one where this proves true.

Wait a day, or sleep on it, and talk it over and try to clear your head some. Then make an offer. Now, I know, with houses there is a small window on the good ones so you have to act fast, but I do believe if you're meant to have it, you'll get it. If you don't do this, I think an upside is the Option period. You have time to think it through, decide if the stuff wrong with the house still makes it worth it to you, and you can always back out. If you have this time, why do you still need to think about it? Because what if you offered too much on the front end, and now you have to negotiate around what you've offered.

Something I'm thankful for is a realtor we can trust. We can trust him to give us his honest opinion about the houses we look at. He's not just trying to get his payment and be done as quickly as possible. Find that type of realtor.

Here's hoping our offer is accepted, but if not... that's okay, too.

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