How Much Does a Baby Cost? 1 Year of Baby Expenses

Fitz is 1. (Almost 13 months at this point). I stopped writing these posts after 5 months, but have kept track of all of our expenses for him (Thanks YNAB)

From February 2016 to May 2016 we spent $4152.40 on him. This includes delivery hospital bills.
From June 2016 to February 2017 we spent $6802.55 on him. This includes his Salmonella bills.

In total for his first year we spent: $10954.95

Now you may ask, why are you talking about it this way? Well, from February to May we lived with my parents. We also had most of our stuff already purchased for him as well in those months. And he was only nursed.

For a while I split his food away from our regular grocery budget when it was mainly jars of Gerber and some pouches. Now, he basically eats what we eat, plus way more bananas and Cheerios.

To be honest, I still haven't bought him much in the way of clothing. We did purchase a jogging stroller ourselves ($400) and his convertible carseat ourselves ($215). I did a major purchase of diapers several months ago because I joined the Target Couponing facebook group and saw how to get the diapers for cheaper than Amazon.

As far as toys go, we basically have left family members buy him toys, and he's not hurting for them.

If you took out birth expenses and his salmonella hospital bill, it's about $330/month. Yes, that's a good chunk of change, and you could probably get away with less. You could also spend more.

Looking at a year's worth of expenses for him has really put into perspective that kids don't have to be money drains.

We planned to save $10,000 before we even got pregnant with Fitz to cover baby bills and such. We ended up getting to about $5000 and paid monthly to the OB instead of putting it toward the "baby fund". When we sold our house in 2016 I put another $3000 or so into the Baby budget. Both of these plans allowed for us to pay for all his hospital bills plus other stuff.

My recommendations for parents-to-be: register for it all! For all the first year stuff! I didn't register for baby spoons, and bowls, and sippy cups, and have had to buy those. It's small, but it adds up! Register for all the diapers. Register for wipes. You don't need to register for clothes. You'll get plenty. And even if it isn't your style, just use it. They stay in them for such a small amount of time it doesn't matter. And you change their clothes so much.

Have a monthly budget for your kid once they're here. Ours is $50 and it's done us fine so far. Again, I'm not out shopping for him very often, if almost ever. Be realistic for what you're wanting to do and what you are able to do financially.

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