first steps for the new home

We closed on our house this past Friday. We know going in that we'd need to do some stuff to it before we moved in (read: floors).

The whole house was carpet other than bathrooms and kitchen. The bathrooms have newer tile that we're keeping and the kitchen is also newer. Is any of it our first choice? No, but beggars can't be choosers.

Now for the rest of the floors - all the carpet - it was old. It was dirty. You could see all the paths of where they continually walked. We're doing laminate wood in the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms.

If you've never paid for flooring, it can get expensive. We're trying to cut costs where we can and this ended up with us pulling up all the carpet ourselves. That's surprisingly easy. My sister took Fitz Saturday and Weston and I went to town. He worked mainly on all the tack board while I pulled up carpet. We got both living rooms and the dining room done in about 4.5 hours. Weston has been and will be working every evening for the next two weeks finishing pulling up the carpet in the bedrooms and painting all the areas before they put the new floors down.

That's another thing. Hiring professional painters is insanely expensive. So, we're doing that ourselves as well. Having Fitz means I can't be that much of a help. It's dirty, he wants to crawl everywhere, and so it really means Weston is doing pretty much everything himself.

Pulling out the carpet and disposing of it ourselves using the city's free bulk trash day is saving us about $600 when it's all said and done. Weston is also doing all the quarter round himself to save some money. Painting ourselves is saving us an easy $10,000. Yes. That much.

It's a lot of work, but it's also giving us more pride of ownership. And, well, we don't have the money to have it all professionally done anyway. :)

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