Our week of HelloFresh

I've always wanted to try the different meal delivery services you see floating around, but when we count on leftovers and our meals to not be $10 a serving, or even $5 a serving, I couldn't ever swing it.

Weston's sister sent us a free 3 meal box and I opted to pay $10 for a fourth meal. We've been eating vegan at home for the past 6 months, but decided to do the classic plan instead of the vegetarian for this.

- Oh my gosh, having everything measured out for you in a little box for the meal? That's amazing. I never realized how much time it took to measure things.
- The produce was top notch. Even the avocado we had was perfect.
- None of the recipes took longer than about 30 minutes to cook.
- There was never an insane amount of ingredients.
- The variety of meat dishes: we had shrimp, pork, Italian sausage, and a non-meat meal.
- They said they were for two people, but we always had a third serving leftover.

- Even though I didn't pay that much for it, the cost overall. I know you're paying the amazing convenience, but at $10 a serving, I'd rather go out to eat where I don't have to cook or clean.
- We only loved one of the meals from the four.
- The recipes overall seemed kind of blah. Not much seasoning. I think within that pro of there weren't a lot of ingredients, you lost the variety of flavor.

My overall opinion?
I wouldn't do it again. If someone bought it for me, heck ya we'd take it! But I like grocery shopping, I like saving money, and I like finding recipes. I can make better food than these were. And, I'd really like a vegan option. Vegetarian and vegan are far from the same thing.

If you have no time to grocery shop, and can swing $10/serving, you will love HelloFresh. It truly is fresh, great ingredients. Nothing too complicated.

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