Adoption Part 2


After we applied to the adoption agency and we were accepted, they sent us all the agreement paperwork to sign and send back with our first installment of fees to them. For India: $2800. So, in a matter of a week, we've spent $3000. I sort of thought all the bigger chunks of change would be slower coming, but thankfully we had about $1600 in the adoption fund specifically saved, and then I pulled the rest from our regular savings.

So, my two cents to anyone who is listening: Save a big chunk of change on the front end. It's not quite as slow moving for that as I'd hoped, at least for India through who we are using. (They've been awesome so far, by the way).

Thankfully, the next part can go as fast or slow as we want it to within reason, so we may slow it down a bit to pull in some more money before moving forward again. 

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