Since we're finally moved into our new house, we are starting the process of adopting internationally. On my other blog I'll be writing more about everything else it entails, but it's a commitment monetarily (to put it mildly), so I'll be writing about that side of it on here.

Soon we need to sit down and go through our budget together. The goal is for all of Weston's regular work and extra graphic design money to go toward our normal monthly expenses. All my SurveyPlanet money will go toward adoption. In the past they've given me a couple of extra jobs for some extra money, and I'm hoping more of those come my way over the next few years.

We will also be applying for any grants we can find, and hopefully do some community fundraising as well. It takes a village. There are even no-interest loans for adoption.

Adoption costs are so overwhelming when you see the breakdown and the total amount. But if you remember 1. It's worth it. 2. It's not all due at the same time. 3. There are so many options for raising money outside of what you make from your normal job, it all seems more doable and far more encouraging.

So for now, if you are the praying type, pray with us as we decide what agency to go with and decide on a country. We've done our research, but now just need to make a decision to move forward.

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