Work-Life Balance

Every few months I feel like we hit a point where we have to step back as a couple and as a family and determine our work life balance. This has more to do with Weston than me on the actual balancing, but on my end I have to determine how I best support Weston.

As I've mentioned before, Weston does graphic design on the side on top of his full-time job. Most of the time this isn't a big deal. A few hours here, a few hours there, and it's a nice little bit of extra money.

We like to make fun of the non-profit sector and the non-competitive pay they offer, but we do get by, just with less spending money and fun. This side gig of Weston's is helping us pay off our student loans faster and some electrical work we had to get done that we were planning on putting off. Also, it's going to be how we save for a newer car for Weston at some point.

Recently he's had a lot more projects to work on and we're having to determine how many hours can he realistically put in and for how long. What does this look like for our family, and what's the best way to use that money? What loses Weston's focus from the little free time he had before, what doesn't get shifted, how do we deal with this?

Because, let's be honest, it's great extra money. It's necessary extra money. We have more fees coming up to be paid soon for the adoption that we don't have sitting in a bank account anywhere.

We've determined he does as much as possible for a season, maybe that's 6 months, maybe it's a year,  maybe it's until our son comes home to us in almost 2 years. It also means we have to be more intentional about rest. Saying no to things to go to bed earlier since he's usually up really late as it is.
Saying no to things so we can have family time.

That's where we are. Mostly exhausted all the time for different reasons. Thankful for the ways God is providing income for our family.

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